Getting the source

First, download latest source here and save it into home directory.

Next, we uncompress source code into a temporary directory which is named /tmp/opendjmix.
From a shell, please enter command by replace <version> by version of OpenDJMix, for example: 1.0_Beta-20100305 ($ is the prompt which is showned by shell. Prompt may be different depending system configuration).

$ mkdir /tmp/opendjmix
$ cd /tmp/opendjmix
$ tar fxvz ~/OpenDJMix-<version>.tar.gz

This last command create a directory that contain all OpenDJMix files.
This directory must be our current directory.
For all 1.0 Beta version, you must use:

$ cd OpenDJMix-Beta-1.0

Now, we must configure the source.