Configure soundcard driver

Now, you must tell OpenDJMix what soundcard driver to choose.

Today, there is three supported driver:

People must know that only ALSA driver is intensely tested. Jack and Portaudio works but know to have bugs. You are encouraged to report bug for increasing quality of theses drivers.

Experimented developers may select SDL or CoreAudio driver. However, these driver may not work because there are not supported anymore.

To select driver, you may add to configure line one of the three option:

  • --enable-alsa
  • --enable-jack
  • --enable-portaudio

You must select one or more driver. If you select more than one driver, you will be able to select one at runtime.

Most users select alsa or jack driver. Command line for basic setting will be:

  • For Alsa:
$ ./configure --enable-alsa

  • For Jack:
$ ./configure --enable-jack

Of course, this option can be added with other option (like --prefix). For example, setting up a installation location to /usr/local/OpenDJMix and Alsa drive can be done with command:

$ ./configure --prefix="/usr/local/OpenDJMix" --enable-alsa

Now let's go configure optimizations for setting up better performance for OpenDJMix.