Refresh GUI behaviour

Refresh timer

You can change GUI refresh time by changing gui/qtV2/refreshtime. The time is given in ms.
Default is 60 milliseconds.

GUI latency doesn't affect directly sound card latency. However, a low latency consumn more power and
may give the software inusable.

If a too high latency is setting, then realtime timer (like sound playing time, waveform) may not
enough accurate and software will become inusable also.

A time between 30/80 milliseconds are right value depending your CPU.

For checking right value, you may load a mp3 file into all turntables and look for latency/cpu power.

VuMeter fall time

For changing vumeter fall time, you can setup parameter gui/qtV2/vumeter/fall. Default value is 0.3
Higher value is, higher speed vuleds will turn off

Synch Led time

This variable setup period for sync led blinking on hardware DJ Turntable.

For example:


Itsetup the period time that turntable sync led is on each beat. Default is turn on synch led on each beat for 50% of beat.