About OpenDJMix...

OpenDJMix is a virtual DJ'ing software that allow you to mix some MP3 song.
It offers all functionnality for evening performance.

Functionnality are:

  • 4-voices turntable front end,
  • MP3 File library support, ID3 Tag,
  • Offer XML database with sections & BPM support,
  • Support AudioCD and CDDB,
  • 4 voice crossfader with automatic fading,
  • Support linux x86/PPC/AMD64,
  • Loading cbr/vbr stereo mp3 files,
  • Support Alsa, Jack and Portaudio sound backend,
  • Support sample rate from 44100 to 192000 hz (recommanded: 48000/96000 hz),
  • Support byte swapping operation on PowerPc architecture,
  • Support Little Endian/Big Endian sound output device,
  • Support high-end 24 bits device (like M-Audio, Intel HDA...) if device use 32 bits sound format,
  • Support USB Device and multiple USB Devices,
  • Use benefits of Dual Core/Quad Core CPU,
  • Support 8 channels using one soundcard (external mixer),
  • Support 4 channels using one soundcard (main & headphone),
  • Support 2 channels using two soundcards (main & headphone),
  • Support Numark Total Control,

It provides basic VJ'ing functions:

  • Provide Visual XScreenSaver for animating dancefloor,
  • Provide Quizz for playing with your friend,