Gentoo Ebuild

You can download Gentoo ebuild from this page.

Download ebuild

For using Gentoo, please download latest OpenDJMix portage .tar.gz file and uncompress it into a local portage directory.
We suggest (and suppose you are using it for showing all command given below) you /usr/local/portage.
The compressed file contain everything needed for directory structure, so don't mind about subdirectories.
You will also find ebuild in directory other/gentoo-overlay directory.

Setup make.conf

As root user, you need to edit PORTDIR_OVERLAY (using nano or vim) and setup PORTDIR_OVERLAY variable to OpenDJMix overlay.

If there is no line starting by "PORTDIR_OVERLAY", add the next line into file: (we suppose that you have uncompress tar.gz file into /usr/local/portage as explain below)

# Local portage Overlay (added for OpenDJMix).

If you have a line with PORTDIR_OVERLAY, please add next line:

# Local portage Overlay (added for OpenDJMix).

Then you can install OpenDJMix with next command (be careful about caps !):

$ emerge -avD OpenDJMix